Podcast 83: Kowloon, 300, Mollycoddling Lewis, Shorter GPs, Hulk’s Move, F1 Whores, Timo Glock, Robin Young, Sticker Books

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2 comments on “Podcast 83: Kowloon, 300, Mollycoddling Lewis, Shorter GPs, Hulk’s Move, F1 Whores, Timo Glock, Robin Young, Sticker Books
  1. Adam says:

    I disagree with you on the “I’m not here to finish fourth.” situation. This is not the fans and an aggressive driver against the old guard of F1 with, I guess, his race engineer included. In that situation you have Verstappen just being his a–hole self and telling his team that he doesn’t feel like following the strategy they all came up with in order to get his car to the finish line in the absolute shortest amount of time. He has to back off in that situation to save the tires and avoid an extra pit stop, or having the tires fall off so far that he is losing a bunch of spots at the end. There are 100 people crunching numbers with super computers back in England on how to optimize his race and he is telling them to go —- themselves, he wants it all now. Sorry Max, current F1 requires you to manage the tires to be fast, it sucks but its the way it is in the big data era of F1.

    Like Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder, he is fast so they are willing to put up with him being an a–hole. But every point he earns is worth millions of dollars for the team and probably augments his contract. Money makes the car better week to week and year to year, money is all that matters in F1. He can talk as aggressive and cocky as he wants but if he cost my team points by being a dumb f–k I would take it out of his pay.

    BTW that Charlie Whiting conversation is all hearsay. Did it actually happen? How do we know what was said? Are you just repeating Diffey’s babbling? I think continuing to bring that up is just like spreading rumors.

    I was a big Max fan but his head is way too large. He lost me with moves like defending against Kimi on the Kemmel straight in Spa. Kimi was gaining fast and Max weaved right and left on the straight to keep him behind. Max is saying “I screwed up the last corner and I’m slow so I’ll threaten your life to keep you behind me.” The rules about not moving in the braking zone (a.k.a running competitors off the track) and weaving on the straight were dreamed up back when people used to die regularly in racing. The drivers do those things for survival. The NASCAR boys would put him in the wall before they put up with that shit.

    He is going to cause an accident and I hope he doesn’t die but more so for F1 sake I hope he doesn’t kill someone because everyone sees it coming. If he kills a Ferrari driver the Italians will go nuts, there will be warrants for his arrest in Italy. The Italian authorities were ready to arrest Williams when Senna died they wanted to keep the car to investigate. F1 dodged a bullet back then. When the lawyers go after Bernie, Charlie and the FIA, it will get ugly if they can prove negligence. It’s like an Amy Winehouse situation but F1 is in charge of curbing Verstappens behavior.

    • pierluigimartini says:

      Thank you for your comment and thank you for listening. FYI, we don’t check the comments on wrodpress very often. A better way to get in touch is to tweet us @f1anddone, or email us at f1anddone@gmail.com. Cheers!

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